Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Forever Kingdom

The Forever Kingdom.

We were born into dark kingdoms, ruled by cruel masters. Naturally speaking, we were born into worldly systems that would turn us into slaves and consumers. Systems based on corruption and deception. Systems that aim to use us up and discard us. Some of us were born into abusive systems of dictatorship and violence. Others were born into more subtle systems, systems that pretend they can heal us and fulfill us but in the end choke us on materialism and greed- wear us down in a race that has no finish.

On a deeper plane, we were born into spiritual darkness. Cruel spiritual masters harrassed and accused us with fear and guilt, shame and hopelessness. They told us we would never be enough, never be lovable. They told us that if there was a God, he was cold and angry, staring down with eyes of condemnation and a hand ready to strike. They shackled us with doubt and meaninglessness, and told us it was our fault.

We weren't born for these kingdoms. They are not our home. And they will not last- already they are fading away, their clock is ticking. The Forever Kingdom has come.

The prophets heard whispers of it for hundreds of years. Each got pieces- none saw the whole thing. Isaiah saw a King who would be counselor, deliverer, father and peace giver to the whole earth- one whose rule and peace would only continue to increase for all time. Jeremiah saw a servant filled with God's spirit who would never rest until he had cause justice to touch the ends of the earth. Ezekiel saw a day coming when God would step in himself and be a good shepherd to his lost and broken people, that he would go forth and rescue them from their cruel masters by his own hand.

And Daniel- Daniel saw a vision of a man coming before the throne of Almighty God. He saw God in his pleasure bestowing on this man authority, granting that all nations would someday come into his Forever Kingdom. He saw a Kingdom that would begin as a small stone, but would grow into a great mountain, until it filled all the earth.

Hundreds of years they heard whispers, and they believed, and they prayed, and they waited. And finally the Forever Kingdom, like a stone as small as one carpenter in a forgotten corner of a vast empire, crashed into our darkness.

A Kingdom where you are loved to the core. A Kingdom where you are a vital part of God's plan of redemption. A Kingdom where you live filled with God's spirit, guided by his voice, and surrounded by his presence. The Kingdom we've been dreaming of.

"The Kingdom of God is at hand!" he cried. "Come and enter it!" And he calls it out still today, through his spirit and through the countless men and women who have tasted the Forever Kingdom,
he says come!

Come, leave the emptiness of worldly empires that offer no peace.

Come, leave the oppression of spiritual forces that know only to condemn and harrass.

Come home to the Forever Kingdom.


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